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Business in the Carpathians or how much they earn from renting out housing

The Carpathians are gaining popularity not only if we consider them in terms of recreation, they are also an excellent option for organizing a family business. The number of people who want to make money on vacationers is growing every year. Many entrepreneurs buy houses and rooms in order to rent them out in the future. Of course, such a business requires significant costs, it pays for itself in full and makes a profit. For example, having invested about 100 thousand dollars, the monthly income will be about 20-50 thousand UAH.

You need to buy houses in high-profile areas. You can also offer tourists-guests of various kinds of entertainment: from excursions to horseback riding or mountain jeeps. Where is it profitable to buy real estate? The location of the accommodation is very important for vacationers, so give preference to the advertised tourist destinations. For example, it is profitable to buy housing in Yaremche, Voevodyno, not far from Lake Synevyr, the village of Lumshory. In these picturesque places you can buy a house, both for family holidays and for business. As a rule, tourists rent accommodation in places with good transport links and closer to various entertainment facilities: not far from restaurants and cafes, a river, a lake, a swimming pool, ATV and bicycle rental. Otherwise, cooperation with vacationers will be short-term. A walk a few kilometers to the nearest cafe or shop is a joy only for the first days, and then travelers get tired of it.

Most of the tourists come from Kiev, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk and other cities by rail. Therefore, a convenient option for them would be a cottage located an hour's drive from the station. Choosing a home An excellent purchase would be a house consisting of 3-4 rooms, which can be individually rented out. An additional advantage will be the presence of a fireplace, a sauna, a bath, an area with a gazebo and barbecue. On this all you can earn extra money and attract visitors in the winter. The best option is to buy a cottage with a total area of about 300 m2 for $ 75,000. Houses from a wooden frame are in great demand among Ukrainians and foreigners. For this amount of money, you can buy housing located not far from the center of the village. Often, such buildings are in need of repair, furnishing, site arrangement.

To bring the building and the adjacent territory into proper condition, additional costs in the amount of 20-30 thousand dollars will be required. The price for houses on the banks of the river or in the center of the village starts at $ 100,000. You can get a very advantageous offer from home owners - to buy two houses on the same plot. This is an interesting option for investors, as it will be possible to rent 4-6 rooms. The cost of such an object is from 150 thousand dollars. Redecorating the house will only cost about $ 10,000. What is the income from business in the Carpathians Over the past year, the cost of rented housing has remained virtually unchanged. A room with amenities can be rented for 800-1000 UAH / day. A room on the 2nd floor with access to a balcony and a fantastic view of nature is rented out for 1500 UAH / day. Breakfast is not included in the rental price.

A large number of travelers come to the Carpathians in the summer season and on winter holidays. In the rest of the period, the rental income is certainly lower, but it is stable, for example, by renting a house of 4 rooms you can earn 4000 UAH / day, and the total profit will be 60,000-70000 UAH per month. Net income - 22000-25000 UAH, the rest of the money is spent on house maintenance, cleaning services for rooms, territories, laundry. In summer, earnings can reach UAH 120,000, net income will be UAH 36,000 / month. Now we can draw conclusions: buying real estate in the Carpathians for further leasing is a profitable investment of money!
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Some houses and plots in the Carpathians
Below you can select options for houses and plots. There are options for old Hutsul houses, as well as new modern buildings for a comfortable life. In Kosovo, urban-type settlement Verkhovyna and Verkhovynsky district, Ivano-Frankivsk region