Land plot 0.55 hectares 80,000 $

Land for sale by the river in the Carpathians 0.55 hectares, in Vorokhta

Land for sale in the Carpathians, in Vorokhta village. Plot with an area of ​​0.55 hectares. With the ability to divide the site into 2-3 parts, so that the road and the river are parallel. In this case, the price per one hundred square meters of the selected plot is negotiated separately, the blue line is the stream, the gray is the road, the section is perpendicular to the road (the last photo is marked with squares, the size of the square is 1 hundred square meters or 10x10m.).

Excellent location, by the Prut river, adjacent side of the land on the border with a stream, the side opposite borders on the reserve.

In this place, the river is very clean, further, the water passes through Vorokhta and becomes more polluted. A great place for lovers of mushrooms and wild berries, as there is a nature reserve across the river, in which there are a lot of these forest values!

Located near a highway with an asphalt road. It is distant from the village at a distance of 3 km, to Hoverla 14 km. an excellent place for landscape design, given that a mountain river flows nearby and watering plants on the site will be almost free. The site has 3 phases, Internet fiber-optic Internet 100 Mbit.

The purpose of the land is OSG. If necessary, we help in changing the purpose of the land plot.

An excellent option for camping, recreation centers, tourist business, as well as trout breeding.

Land plots in Ivano-Frankivsk region Vorokhta village

Acquisition of land in the Carpathian forests is profitable and modern. Plots here are purchased for their own construction, as well as for the development of the tourism business, that is, the construction of recreation centers, cottages, green huts. If you are thinking about buying a land plot, make up your mind soon, as the annual cost of land in this region shows several times growth. Ten years ago, land in the Carpathians could be purchased for little money. At the moment, the situation has changed. But due to the current situation in the country and the world, prices have temporarily dropped, and this is the right moment for investment. If you would like to clarify the price of a certain plot of land in the mountains, call us, we will tell you everything about the property that interests you