Plots and houses on the slopes of the Carpathians

Maintenance and sale of plots from 10 acres to 5 hectares, at all stages in the Ivano-Frankivsk region!

-selection of a site with or without your participation

- preparation of documents for re-registration of land

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What is the advantage of buying real estate in the Carpathian region?

Many people want to live in a quiet, comfortable house, breathe fresh air, enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature, be able to use the gifts of nature, drink water from mineral springs. Such a dream can be realized by purchasing a cottage located in Transcarpathia. Our organization is engaged not only in the sale of already built cottages, but also in the construction of residential buildings according to individual projects.

The benefits of the resort areas of the Carpathian region

Rest at the resort has a powerful effect on human health. Treatment with drugs often gives only a temporary positive effect, and there is a high risk of side effects and various complications. Spa treatment is devoid of such disadvantages, since it first of all strengthens a person's immunity, includes his hidden reserves. In favorable conditions of the resort, the human body itself begins to fight ailments, therefore, there are no complications, and improved health does not provide an opportunity for a relapse of the disease. Ukraine is rich in resorts, among which Transcarpathia is deservedly popular. Probably, there are not many residents of our country who have not visited Transcarpathia at least once in their life. Think how wonderful it is to be able to come to rest in the resort area at any time, regardless of availability or seasonal excitement. Just pack up and go to relax in your own cottage, located in the resort area of Transcarpathia, next to mineral and geothermal springs.

By the way, unique mineral water, saturated with useful microelements, as well as the purest mountain air, constitute the main wealth of the Carpathian region. A huge number of sanatoriums located here confirm the natural uniqueness of this region. In the Carpathian region, there are about four hundred natural mineral springs with different chemical and gas composition, as well as different temperatures. This diversity makes it possible to treat various types of diseases and select the optimal course of health procedures. Since the 15th century, in historical documents there are references to the healing properties of the nature of Transcarpathia. Research by scientists shows the diversity of the chemical composition of the mineral springs of the Transcarpathian region.

You can list some types of mineral waters of the Carpathian region:
carbonic chloride-hydrocarbonate;
sodium bicarbonate carbonate;
sodium bicarbonate-chloride carbonate;
carbonate bicarbonate sodium-calcium-magnesium;

In the Carpathian region there are analogues of the world famous mineral waters, for example, "Borjomi", "Esentuki", "Arzni". Mineral water helps to cure diseases of the musculoskeletal system, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, nervous and cardiovascular systems. The area of application of geothermal and mineral waters is practically limitless. The Carpathian region is a picturesque place where you can not only have a pleasant rest, but also significantly improve your health.
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Some houses and plots in the Carpathians
Below you can select options for houses and plots. There are options for old Hutsul houses, as well as new modern buildings for a comfortable life. In Kosovo, urban-type settlement Verkhovyna and Verkhovynsky district, Ivano-Frankivsk region